Moen Bath Faucet Trim Kit

Chrome Tub/Shower Trim Kits For Delta, Valley, and Moen

Fast drying with BreezeDry.

This new drying equipment, presented at the 2010 KBIS show in Chicago, offers a fast, smooth and dry natural items that require special care. With the BreezeDry simply hang your clothes or shoes you put in the cabinet on your touch screen choose the type of drying and ready.

Its sensors vent control low power consumption of clothing moisture, prolonging the life of delicate items such as fine linens, silks, cashmeres or sequined clothing, for example. Best of all is that this modular design can be easily incorporated into new projects and save up to 90% of the energy consumed by a gas or electric dryer.

Your bottles on hand with Vynebar ™.

Give personality to your kitchen with this vertical shelf wines. The Vynebar ™ came in two sizes, for four and eight bottles, and you can choose your favorite from a collection of finishes: polished stainless steel, grain finish, and mirror finish. Designed to hold any type of bottle, Vynebar ™ comes in 8 metallic colors that are discolored as time passes.

MB Quart Mirror TV.

HiddenReflections mirrors series of MB Quart offers two products in one: a mirror becomes TV. This product offers four sizes of mirrors that 'hide' a TV of 22 inch HD inside.

When the LCD screen is off displays only the reflection of the mirror, but when activated, it becomes a window to your favorite programs. Moreover, as most mirrors are designed to go in the bathroom, this product includes a remote control waterproof.

The induction cooktop GE Profile ™.

General Electric launched its first range with induction technology that uses the magnetic field with the same quality of heat that produce a gas stove. Induction technology saves minutes when boiling water and less energy is wasted in the kitchen. It's safer for the kids at home because it only heats the pan and the food that is inside.

Transorma your kitchen with Jenn-Air.

Does this seem a cabinet anyone? Well at first glance it is, but it is a French-style refrigerator. Easily transforms your kitchen and make your refrigerator achieve a different appearance with concealed hinges and harmonize with the existing cabinets.

Jenn-Air refrigerators launched its integrating a temperature control system, humidity-controlled crispers, gallon bottle storage in the door, among other functions. There are models in different sizes and with only two vertical doors, or with a door and freezer on the bottom.

. A modern kitchen and gourmet.

Brand Show House, Moen, presented a functional and modern kitchen take your career to another level. Modern Faucet Pot Filler is designed to fill pots, you can fold it when not in use and extends to 24 inches through its boom. For your security has two handles, one near the base and one at the opposite end, so you do not burn to close if the pot is hot.

Lenova ecological Basins.

Lenova sustainable design combined with innovation in their line of sinks. Whether for your kitchen or your bathroom, these sinks are made from bamboo, a material known for its lightness, hygiene and being a sustainable material. The sink double bowl kitchen is convenient to divide the tasks in the kitchen.

Lenova also offers a wide range of kitchen and bathroom sinks in a variety of shapes and shades. His collection 'Seven Elements' features sinks made from seven different resources: stainless steel, porcelain, bamboo, copper, stone, glass and composite material.

2005-02-09 10:38:35 by zpper

When you buy a new enamel on cast

Fixture they supply you with a little bottle of touch up paint. So I would assume they work just fine for spot coverage.
Color is up to you, but I would try a dealer for someone like Kohler plumbing fixtures,
Ok it's Kohler Part #500306** Touch-up Paint [must give color when ordering** Have the guy look up the double digit code for white/ivory]
Good luck.

2006-05-22 13:15:12 by thisCameFrom

Here's a link there are many more where

GOOGLE BABY or Yahoo shopping or something.
BTW most all plumbing fixtures from all manufacturers are made in China, Vietnam, Mexico and other places where they don't have to pay people a living wage.
Toto Drake Kohler Cimarron one piece are among the least expensive toilets that flush well.
Hope that helps,

2005-01-31 02:52:45 by zpper

Search for "Pella and Marvin windows" then you

Can search "hardwood flooring parquet flooring". Check carpet manuf. sites, Berber etc., just to get an idea what is out there.
Then for some nice plumbing fixtures.
Also for some cabinet looks and materials, finishes.
Next are period looking ceramic tile floors " luck.

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