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To renovate the bathroom successfully, certain technical standards are first to be observed:

1) The standard height of a bathroom vanity is 81.5 cm ( 32 in. ).

2) The minimum distance between the two walls for the insertion of a toilet is 76 cm X 76 cm ( 30 in. X 30 in. ).

3) The minimum dimensions of a shower must be 76 cm X 76 cm ( 30 in. X 30 in. ).

4) In the shower, than is the floor covering made of tiles or small tiles, the floor is less slippery (the mortar for filling the joints then to slip).

5) Installation of a fan is required in a bathroom without a window that opens.

6) The bathroom must contain protected outlets, is equipped with a grounding coupled with a differential circuit breaker GFCI (GFCI).

Then, if you want to make it a success in terms of aesthetics as it applies to self:

1) Be aware of trends ... what's trendy ... goes out of style!

2) Take care to match hardware and fittings: the chrome and brushed chrome is blend well while polished brass and antique brass swear ...

3) Choose the right color palette, it can create a romantic environment or dramatic ... it is for us to choose! Used subtlety or shading to the room, the color adds richness to the decor.

4) Punctuate space accents such as dark wood with intense deep brown or inserting headbands ceramic extraordinary colors.

5) Stay away from products or coatings attractive but difficult to maintain.

6) Capitalize on the bathroom to make it a mecca for extreme decoration and use the bathroom to create a more relaxing environment. In a bathroom, the application a wallpaper totally extravagant or very pop painting can transform attendance adventure place (as is the case in some restaurants Plateau Mont-Royal, for example ... I think the Avenue!)

Some suggestions of retailers or specialized in valves, accessories and bathroom furniture manufacturers:

Decotec Canada
Deschênes and Son
Ross H. Barber

Bathroom, distributed by Batimat

Kinetik system Fleurco

Bathroom furniture, Montreal-Les-Bains

Bathroom products, Neptune

M collection, bathroom furniture, Wetstyle, Photo: Pierre Bélanger

Moen faucets, distributed by Doraco-Noiseux

6 technical advice and 6 beauty tips for the bathroom as follows: Reno / Brico was posted in home decorating and renovation section bathroom . You renovate or decorate? Looking for inspiration for decorating and remodeling your bathroom , go directly under section bathroom renovation of the DIY Home Decor and home renovation to see all posts.

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Sales and Design in Kitchen and Bath

Need to have experience in 20/20 design. Must also have atleast 10 years experience in the field. Be ready to meet with a client in their own home, visit with them and give them ideas. Measure their kitchen or bath and design it on 20/20. Also, help choose colors and fixtures. Must be familiar with Kraftmaid, Kohler, Moen, Delta ect.

2004-05-24 13:51:21 by chopsuey

General Kitchen and Bath

General Shopping sites for bath and kitchen
(~5% cheaper to order on weekends)
(good prices, and lightening fast shipping on in-stock items)
(for sinks, faucets, and other random accoutrements such as garbage disposal, knobs and pulls, particularly helpful for tracking down experienced merchandise, such as antique pocket door hardware, vintage light fixtures, etc.)
manufacturers web sites for product info/installation instructions, etc.
abt electronics
Home Depot has 25% off list on Kohler products, but the kicker is super-fast availability (5 business days for special orders)

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