Kohler Bath Faucet aerator

The bathroom faucets high efficiency saves more than water.

Did you know that it is in the room that is used the bathroom most of the water consumed by your household? According to Environment Canada, 65% of the total water consumption of a household takes place in the bathroom. Much of this water is consumed because of inefficient systems. Fortunately, there are many new and effective products on the market from which consumers can make informed choices regarding the preservation of water resources.

Home Depot offers a wide range of water-saving faucets to recognized as American Standard, Delta, Kohler and Moen brands. The valves use high efficiency up to 30% less water than conventional models. Their use could have a significant impact on the amount of water you consume. If you're not ready to change your taps, use an aerator. Aerators are used to optimize the efficiency of ordinary faucets and can help to reduce tap water consumption by 23%.

A new showerhead is another great way to conserve water. Shower heads with high energy efficiency using 40% less water than conventional models without significant change in yield. The technology has improved considerably in recent years, so you no longer have to compromise between excellent performance and the characteristics that make a shower an environmentally friendly choice. Moreover, saving water, you also save money. In fact, if you replace a showerhead that uses 9.5 liters per minute through a showerhead that uses 5.7 liters per minute, you could save up to $ 46 per year on your utility bills.

To ensure the best savings are, look for WaterSense labeled products. WaterSense is a U.S. program, sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which aims to protect water resources by promoting their economy by stimulating the spread on the market of products with high energy efficiency and enhancing practices and programs focused on water protection. Although WaterSense is a U.S. program, qualified products are sold in Canada, and Canadians can find the WaterSense label to identify the best water saving among the products on the market.

When you buy an aerator, a shower or faucet, WaterSense certified, you know you are getting a quality product approved by an independent assessment and certification body. These products are effective, they help you save money and encourage innovation among manufacturers.

In addition to water and money, faucets bathroom high efficiency also allows you to save energy. The less you use water in the sink and in the shower, plus your hot water consumption decreases. And as you know, water heaters are energy. On a larger scale, it takes a lot of energy to move and treat water used in the home. By reducing your household water consumption, you can help reduce the energy consumed by your municipality for the treatment of wastewater and drinking water.

And we have not spoken of the largest consumers of water in the bathroom: the toilet. Come back in a few weeks for more details about low-flow toilets.

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Sales and Design in Kitchen and Bath

Need to have experience in 20/20 design. Must also have atleast 10 years experience in the field. Be ready to meet with a client in their own home, visit with them and give them ideas. Measure their kitchen or bath and design it on 20/20. Also, help choose colors and fixtures. Must be familiar with Kraftmaid, Kohler, Moen, Delta ect.

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General Kitchen and Bath

General Shopping sites for bath and kitchen
(~5% cheaper to order on weekends)
(good prices, and lightening fast shipping on in-stock items)
(for sinks, faucets, and other random accoutrements such as garbage disposal, knobs and pulls, particularly helpful for tracking down experienced merchandise, such as antique pocket door hardware, vintage light fixtures, etc.)
manufacturers web sites for product info/installation instructions, etc.
abt electronics
Home Depot has 25% off list on Kohler products, but the kicker is super-fast availability (5 business days for special orders)

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