Victorian Bath Fixtures

Brasilia Casa Cor 2012

Casa Cor Brasília once again brings big names in the region linked to architecture and design for a new sample of 2012.

The site is new. Now inside the house most of the trends and technologies in niche residential IQ is 19 in South Lake (farms 02-07). In this new space professionals created 45 environments from the toilet of a loft dining spaces and commercial, all designed from the main theme of this year's "The Fashion Universe." These new concepts and designs can be viewed until November 9.

Check out some of my favorites:

LIVING - Helium Albuquerque and Sonia Peres

With 90m ² in order to receive and bring welfare to the residents was the main objective. The highlight is the warmth of the environment, where the mixture and the huge bookcases. Indirect light luminotécnicos and equipment that blend with the ceiling bringing only light effects are sophisticated touch to the project. The wooden floors and walls lined with paper give charm to the space required. Works of art, collectible and charm of Rio chaiselongue Oscar Niemeyer give personality to the space.

KITCHEN - Arnaldo Pine

With inspiration from the colors present trends in fashion, professional chose to break the color yellow with shades of gray and so give life to the environment. The warm colors make cabinets and countertops are marked by volumetry. Highlight for Cobogó made ​​in cement, recalling the characteristic element of the buildings in Brasilia.

SUITE BABY - Vanessa Anne Valerie Valle and vonGlehn

The environment of 54m ² dominate the soft colors, practicality, lightness, comfort and functionality required for this proposal. The integration of contemporary styles with neoclassical gives the charm necessary for the suite. The highlight of the environment is for the curved acrylic panel with LED lighting and the vinyl flooring, unique in the show. The curved furniture, porcelain countertops, blinds exclusive, sophisticated acrylic Charles Eames chair and a Victorian bath give the cozy and elegant touch to the space also houses a playroom and a cup hidden in a closet.

STUDIO 04 - Marcela Passamani

The interior designer thought of a businesswoman in the fashion industry, funky using his studio to receive customers, media, opinion formers and resolve administrative issues of the company. The environment has 80m ² and has many references as fashion colors and prints mainly represented in the tissues. The floral, animal print and fluo colors are present in the cushions, and adornments in lacquer closet. Divided into three parts (inlet, meeting room and a presentation room) space follows an eclectic style. The professional emphasizes the use of design pieces like the chair chairone, pieces of artists Ana Paula Castro, Guilherme Torres, Evandro Jr. and Galen fixtures with enough personality, demolition wood, oriental carpets, acrylic parts, iron, steel, elements ranging from modern to rustic, but without losing the harmony and balance of the environment.

Delta Delta 75224-RB Victorian 24 Double Towel Bar, Venetian Bronze
Home Improvement (Delta)
  • Detailed instructions and template included for easy installation
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Zinc die cast
  • Venetian Bronze
  • The full Victorian Bath Collection carries old world charm through an entire home
2004-12-21 22:55:10 by Mister_S

Remodel our bathroom, how much, how long

Live in an a 100 year old victorian in SF. We have the split bath, with shower/tub and sink in one room, and toilet in seperate room next door. We have seen an identical model of this done, and we want to remodel and make ONE BIG Bathroom.
This entails, removing the shower/bath, moving toilet where tub is; moving shower where toilet is, and moving the sink to opposite wall. Complete retile of floor and walls, and some nice fixtures, cabinets etc. Its not a huge space, but obviously this will take some time and some money...just a rough ball park figure on how long a project like this takes, and how much money?
It is our only bathroom, so maybe we need to plan a vacation to get things in running order...thank you.

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Liberty Hardware DELTA 75010-RB Victorian, Bath Hardware Accessory, 24 Glass Shelf, Venetian Bronze
Home Improvement (Liberty Hardware)
  • Detailed Instructions & Template Included for Easy Installation
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Zinc Die Cast
  • Venetian Bronze
Delta Delta Faucet 75050-RB Victorian Toilet Tissue Holder, Venetian Bronze
Home Improvement (Delta)
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Coordinates beautifully with the faucets in the Victorian Bath Collection
  • 9 1/8-Inch long
  • From a complete line of bath accessories for a perfect match to the Victorian bath fittings
  • Matching lighting fixtures available
Delta Faucet Delta Victorian 75060-RB Tank Lever, Venetian Bronze
Home Improvement (Delta Faucet)
  • Coordinates beautifully with the faucets in the Victorian bath collection
  • Mounts only to front of toilet tank
  • Matching lighting fixtures available
  • Solid brass construction ensures quality and reliability
  • The full Victorian collection carries old world charm through an entire home
Delta Delta Victorian Widespread Bath Faucet - Pearl Nickel
Home Improvement (Delta)

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