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At the initiative of Jonathan Benzazon UDS Market specialist bath, opens 116/118 Boulevard Richard Lenoir in the 11th arrondissement, and becomes the new bath solution for professionals and individuals. With an area of ​​300m ², available on 3 levels, UDS Market offers a complete world dedicated to the bath and offers more than 1000 references, comprising:
bathroom furniture, sanitary ware, water heaters, faucets, radiators, tools ...

A real answer for professionals - Facilitating their day!
UDS Market is the solution for professional plumbers / Heating Paris, which must constantly adapt to different sites and continually renew their stock.

Crimping tool, electric water heaters, tile plate, bati support, brass fitting and / or copper, sanitary fixtures, masonry drills and / or tiles, taps ... are available as self-service, individually or in larger quantities.

On the ground floor, a selection of bathtubs, water heaters (Ariston, Fleck, Styx ...) radiator / heated towel rail, shower columns, hydrotherapy, medical mills, WCs and bidets (Ideal Standard, Porcher, Roca. ..) are proposed. Sections plumbing tools and equipment tilers complete the offer and, in confirmentl'expérience universdu bath Jonathan Benzazon.

Level -2 is dedicated to the valve. Faucets, taps and autresaccessoires of High tech water are exposed length of two heights in the center of the room, giving a wide field of vision on the collections presented. Brands: Nobili, Porcher, Ideal Standard, Valentine Ondyna Cristina Roca, Hansgrohe, Ramon Soler ...

A hostess and two sales consultants are available to inform and respond to all the needs of professionals as individuals.

The store inventory restocking daily and offers (cheaper than some big chains crafts / tools) very competitive prices.

UDS Market is the first sign Bain "Self Service" must for professional-UDS Market offers solutions is a quality service.

2013-02-12 19:26:19 by MTU-Engineer

The fumes coming off the bins of PVC fittings

In my service van sure stink.
Running water through pipes probably keeps the parts-per-million down, but like lead in brass fixtures, they are trying to get away from contaminants in potable water in the plumbing industry.
Using PVC in flower planters is probably fine, but I would not want to plant my vegetables in PVC pots.
Maybe that is just me, just saying.

2008-09-07 10:21:01 by Kencryst


I used to work at an antique salvage company in Seattle. We used to have plumbing fixtures re-plated all the time. Old sink faucets and bathtub faucets are all brass. When we would get nice ones that were all pitted or just in bad shape, we would remove the old plating and then buff them until they are glass smooth again and then we would send them to a local plater who would plate them in nickle or chrome. I think that you just need to check around your area more. If they don't plate brass, what the heck do they plate then?

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