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Since Entzinkungsproblem with brass tap extensions there is always time and again that anyone has problems with brass fittings. To the editors received the following request:

I just had a phone conversation with a supervisor. Who told me that we would all brass fittings again to remove it from the water line, it had only Gunmetal still allowed in drinking water. Have you heard that too?

Our answer:

the use of brass in the drinking water system is approved as before. DIN 50930-6 (Corrosion of metals - Corrosion of metallic materials in the interior of pipes, tanks and apparatus corrosion load by water - Part 6: Influence of the composition of drinking water) contains in this respect the following rules:

Regardless of the composition of drinking water may be used in all drinking water systems include:
- Fittings made of brass with a lead content of max. 3.5% and an arsenic content of max. 0.15%
- Fittings made of brass with a lead content of max. 2.2% and an arsenic content of max. 0.1%

If I assume that branded products have been built with DVGW mark, I do not see any problems.


the SBZ-fitter Editor

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2013-02-12 19:26:19 by MTU-Engineer

The fumes coming off the bins of PVC fittings

In my service van sure stink.
Running water through pipes probably keeps the parts-per-million down, but like lead in brass fixtures, they are trying to get away from contaminants in potable water in the plumbing industry.
Using PVC in flower planters is probably fine, but I would not want to plant my vegetables in PVC pots.
Maybe that is just me, just saying.

2008-09-07 10:21:01 by Kencryst


I used to work at an antique salvage company in Seattle. We used to have plumbing fixtures re-plated all the time. Old sink faucets and bathtub faucets are all brass. When we would get nice ones that were all pitted or just in bad shape, we would remove the old plating and then buff them until they are glass smooth again and then we would send them to a local plater who would plate them in nickle or chrome. I think that you just need to check around your area more. If they don't plate brass, what the heck do they plate then?

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