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PIGMENOS / STIFI Buy 3 villas situated in the locality Pigmenos.
Here are the coordinates to locate them on
Google Earth: 37 ° 17 '07 "N 26 ° 45' 50" E

The villas all have sea views and a breathtaking view of a group of tiny islands off and the sunset.

The land ends to the sides, with two beaches, of which a small
while the other pebbles, white sand, is a paradise in miniature.

The two cottages, which are located on the highest part of the ground, have an area of ​​75 square meters and consist of: a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom, plus a large outdoor patio with wooden pergola, seating and BBQ masonry.

For the third is the surface of 94 sq m, comprising: lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, outdoor patio always with wooden pergola, seating and brick BBQ.

All three are complete: cistern, septic dispersion, fixtures, interior and exterior floors, bathroom sanitary ware, shower and marble counter tops, fireplace in the living room, outdoor BBQ masonry, electrical and plumbing, water supply and tie at electricity.

Included are also the solar panels for hot water and the air conditioners (Daikin).
Among the other works: walls of stone fence, the street leading from the main to the house, with open space for parking and maneuvering in narrow road stone for access to the sea.

The cost for the homes of 75 square meters with 2000 square meters of land, is di325.000 euro.
To the cottage of 94 square meters, with 4, 000 square meters of land and included a separate building with the function of storage / garage, the cost is € 450, 000. (Sold)


Buy 4 houses located in the village of Kouselio.
Here are the coordinates to locate them on google earth:
37 ° 17 '24.8 "N 26 ° 46' 05" E

The houses are all sea views and are only a hundred yards from the water, the internal floor area is about 55 square meters, to which must be added: the veranda with BBQ, a terrace with veranda for 2-storey houses and garden Outside of about 200 square meters.

The price of 190, 000 Euros for Alpha, Beta 200, 000, 215, 000 for Delta and Gamma includes: access road, plot of about
250sqm with containment fencing walls and stone cistern, electricity connections, water and sanitation, air conditioning (Daikin x 2), 2 solar panels for hot water, kitchen with marble top, sink, ceramic hob, cabinet underneath with drawers and hanging out
measure; bathroom with shower basin of stone top and 4 drawers on the underlying measure, toilet and bidet, furnished bedroom with double bed chest of drawers, two bedside tables and a wardrobe tailor, sitting room furnished with a sofa bed to measure, table Marble with 4 chairs, coffee table, bookcase, lamps for all rooms, window frames with double glazing and iroko
Mosquito Net, patio with BBQ, veranda with wooden beams and cloth element type "wave", table with 4 chairs for outdoor garden with various plants and trees and equipped with automatic irrigation system.

Home Improvement (IDS)
  • Hydro-powered showerhead with built-in LED lights - no batteries or wires needed.
  • Features 5 LEDs and produces 7 gradually changing colors.
  • Beautiful colors and ambient lighting enhance the mood in the shower.
  • Streamlined showerhead is designed for easy hand-held usage.
  • LED life-span of 3+ years
2007-07-27 12:08:29 by but-

I'm doing it now

There is no way in hell I'd spend $20k on it. I bought my house for $1.5M with 40 year old bathrooms in it. We do the work ourselves and I'm really good at finding materials inexpensively. Like for my Hansgrohe bath fixtures and Kohler sinks. I splurged a little on the Porcelanosa and Walker Zanger tile. Got the cabinets wholesale (very good Omega). Contracting out the frameless glass shower enclosure. And we're still only spending about $10k after going down from the studs and starting over.
How hideous is your bathroom now? If a buyer would walk in and say "ewwww" then you might have to fix it to sell in this market

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Bathroom Fittings
HOME & DECOR Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light
Home Improvement (HOME & DECOR)
  • New and Improved!
  • Red Light = Hot Water
  • Blue Light = Cold Water
  • Changes color based on the temperature of the water flow
  • Ideal for the kid s bathroom

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