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KT3984CP by Kohler in Newark, DE - Polished Chrome Devonshire

You can buy a shower head attachable at any hardware store.

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Customize your home comes down to choices: materials, colors, textures and furniture. Say you want a tub for bathing, but also want a shower. Usually place a shower tub faucet difficult. Numerous considerations define whether you can successfully attach a shower to bathtub faucet or not.


The shower heads coupled to the bath taps take the form of hand showers consisting of a long, flexible piece, like a rope, which connect directly to the faucet. These shower heads vary in nature: from very basic to complex systems with filters to purify water and various settings that affect water pressure and output pattern. Install a shower Docker lets in a bathtub to shower without having to open a wall or adding new plumbing parts in your bathroom.

The taps of your bathtub

If you can attach a shower to your bathtub faucet or not depends ultimately tap. A dockable requires its own shower and diverter takes a water faucet, or else must fit on the tub spout. If set on that pipe, you can shower only, unless you remove the head. If you want to have the option of both systems, you need a bathtub faucet with separate spout for shower and a mechanism to change the water flow between the drain of the tub and shower.


If your bathtub faucet can not accommodate attachable shower head, you can replace the tap game. These kits, made by manufacturers specialized in household appliances and bath, containing a bathroom faucet and a shower head. You can buy these items to attach them to a wall and attach to the floor. These products usually cost much more than an average shower head.


How does a single attachable shower, ultimately, depends on the manufacturer. These units, known alternatively as dockable showers or attachable shower heads, handheld shower heads or shower equipment attachable work in many ways. Some have the express purpose of joining the existing fixtures in the shower, other types are specially designed for certain games bath faucets, others are directly connected to a valve, requiring the opening of a wall to access plumbing. Talk to an employee of a shop or a contractor to find the attachable shower head suitable for your needs.

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You can get either or.

If bath temp is adj correctly 2 handles is nice. Highest temp allowed in my state is 120 degrees F. And on tub / shower 112 degrees.
Get one that has easy to obtain replacement parts. The lifetime guarantee one we had lasted 15 years and there was no replacement cartridge available so we are back to the old stems with Delta.
Never purchase the cheapest fixture as they will only last a few years. That goes for all plumbing. You can get cheap fixtures for 35 dollars and good ones are 75 and up.
On one handle faucets if people lean on them they do not last and can snap

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