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The company Giulio Tanini born in Florence in 1945 and immediately engaged in the supply of materials for construction. During the 1960s, a period of strong economic growth, the company consolidates and specializes in the distribution and marketing of soil, ceramic coatings and products for the development of the bathroom. It is from this technical and commercial experience of the parent company as well as new ideas and the contribution of the second generation of entrepreneurs trained in the family business was born Devon & Devon in 1989. The specific intent of this new company is to offer the market a range of interior decorations for the bathroom to comprehensive and coordinated time. During these twenty years of activity, Devon & Devon has grown steadily and has established itself internationally. Since September 2011 Devon & Devon comes with a new logo consisting of two "D" opposite essential and linear, consistent with the design and philosophy of simplicity and elegance of the company. With the new logo, Devon & Devon perfectly interprets the synthesis of classical and contemporary at the same time allowing future stylistic changes.

Create unique and identifiable because of their nod to the past while being totally "original" has always been the source of inspiration for productions Devon & Devon. Because of the abundance and diversity of its products, the company has opted since its inception, to an outsourced production model that is flexible and modern, typical of high-end production and able to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding consumers. The need for specialization has led Devon & Devon to use many small external production units, highly specialized, strong experience of several generations and always focused on quality. Expertise upscale individual who has achieved the best and unmatched authenticity aesthetic and formal harmony.

Aesthetics and practicality, beauty and comfort, united attention to detail and use of the best materials are all elements that characterize the quality and research Devon & Devon. The design and concept is inspired by the past and with an originality and absolute consistency, are the basis of the aesthetic and technical research of the house, creating a real "historical documents" issued by the current attention the requirements of modern convenience and comfort. The bathroom can be transformed into a place dedicated to the cult of private through a range of timeless products inspired by the most cultivated European tradition and the finest wellness.

In terms of distribution, the philosophy of Devon & Devon has favored selective diffusion both in Italy and internationally through sales formulas that identify the best brand: mono-brand showrooms and exhibition concept " selected in-shop "exclusively to selected partners in prestigious neighborhoods and developed consistent with the guidelines of the style and image of the brand. Devon & Devon is present in many Italian cities and exported to over seventy countries worldwide. The single-brand showrooms are located in the heart of the nerve centers as the cities of Hamburg, Bucharest, Chengdu, Istanbul, Nice, Paris, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Vienna, Italy, Florence, Turin and Milan.

Progress Lighting Progress Lighting P3137-15 3-Light Bath Fixture, Polished Chrome
Home Improvement (Progress Lighting)
  • Polished Chrome Finish
  • Opal etched glass
  • Size: 23-Inch Width, 8-3/4-Inch Height Extends 7-3/4-Inch
  • Uses (3) 100-Watt medium base bulbs
  • Progress Lighting has over 5, lighting fixtures offered in our catalog, the largest single source for residential and commercial lighting
2006-03-08 22:15:07 by fyih

Fyi :water hammer

Anti Hammer Device? Up until 10/15 years ago we put in anti hammer tubes. The *powers that be* found that the tubes got water logged over time. So - it's no longer code. In commercial installs, spring loaded devices are used especially at the end of long runs or at the end of a series of fixtures like urinals. To replace the air in the anti hammers, drain down the water in the whole house with the faucets turned on. The idea is that when you turn the water back on it will compress the air at the highest point at the end of each pipe. That's what the *powers that be* realized that plumbers were not plumbing for - and home owners would not do

2009-10-23 21:15:32 by WonderWheeler

New York State links

New york dept of ag & mkts
New York state first to achieve FDA national food safety stds:
Didn't see a prohibition on homemade food being sold. But permits are needed. And the permits seem to be as strict as the california regs. That is, hairnets, special three compartment sinks, special commercial type fixtures, plumbing, finishes, training etc.
Note that gun shaped cookies are against the law. There are lots of kosher regs, unit pricing regs, ingredient regs

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