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Image This time, for those who are looking for doors design versatile, dynamic, elegant and very modern Jako has these options will be great for both home and business. Installation is relatively easy and basic tools like a good drill and screwdrivers, the hardware is already included in each system so no need to worry about that stuff.Image All you need to purchase separately is stainless tube 1 "(also available in all our stores) and prepare their doors, whether of wood or tempered glass (check measurements before sending drilling to do).

Miami one system we present in 2 models with three varieties of use for each.Image

1 - With round and installation trucks glass doors with brackets to wall.

2 - with wheelbarrows round and installation of glass doors to glass supports.Image

3 - With round and installation trucks wooden doors with brackets to wall.

4 - A self the same model but with square trucks with the same characteristics of applications.

Miami 2 we present system is a system for glass doors, ideal for bathroom doors where the whole structure is of tempered glass. You can find it in stainless steel.

and polished chrome finish.

Now we present our ideal Twin Miami entries where the structure is fully tempered glass. With pulley system makes the slide opening and closing very dynamic.

Our system is unique to Miami 3 installation wooden doors, the trucks have a stop guide which prevents the door from the tube.

5 - The first comes with simple trucks.

6 - And the second is with double trucks and 2 finishes. Stainless Steel

And Polished chrome finish

Remember to contact us at where you will find the best in fittings for your home and business. We have a wide variety of accessories for doors, kitchens, cabinets, interior and exterior, closets, boxes, safes, bathroom accessories, etc.. etc.

Enter our page, if you shop online you get great discounts and excellent deals.

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2009-02-17 09:29:57 by PonyGrl9050

Where to shop for remodeling supplies in Jackson

I have to be in Jacksonville next fri and sat so I figured Id try and find some good deals on the things I need to remodel my house. Where I'm from there was all kinds of wholesale and discount stores, but there isn't any where I'm currently living.
I'm looking for places that carry things like tile, bathroom vanities, plumbing fixtures (faucets, shower heads etc.) lighting, basically anything involved in a complete gut and remodel of a house at discounted prices.
Ive been searching the net and I found the Floor and Decor Outlet. If anyone knows of any other places in the Jacksonville area, or north of it near I-95 please let me know.

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KOHLER KOHLER K-T11077-4-BN Archer Bath and Shower Faucet Trim, Vibrant Brushed Nickel
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • Bath shower trim for NPS or slip fit
  • Kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards over two times
  • Kohler ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity standards over two times for a lifetime of durable performance
  • Premium metal construction for durability and reliability
KOHLER KOHLER K-10572-CP Devonshire Triple Sconce, Polished Chrome
Lighting (KOHLER)
  • Complements the Devonshire Suite of products
  • Sconces can be positioned up or down, depending on room setting
  • Lights are UL listed up to 100 watts
  • KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards over two times
Moen Moen DN2692CH Glenshire Oval Tilting Mirror, Chrome
Home Improvement (Moen)
  • Chrome finish to create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look
  • Beautiful design and lines
  • Soft, curved silhouette
  • Easy to install
  • As functional as it is beautiful
American Standard American Standard 2002.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet, White (seat not included)
Home Improvement (American Standard)
  • ADA elongated toilet combination - tank and bowl
  • EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Champion-4 flushing system features 4-Inch piston action Accelerator flush valve
  • Seat not included
  • 100-Percent factory flush tested

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