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LCM Company

LCM Li Sheng Enterprise Group was founded in 1968,started from molding,accepting commissioned to design global customers,and the system for the development and manufacture of various types of mold.Then in 1984,expanded to consistently oriented processes,from product design,mold development and manufacturing,product casting,machining,polishing,plating,painting to the combination packaging,strict quality control.LCM Group currently has a total of three in Taiwan and China manufacturing plant,number of employees reached more than a thousand.Products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world,more service and sales network all over the world,and now the LCM is already the world's largest production and sales of bathroom accessories manufacturer,won the trust and praise from users worldwide.

LCM Group to secure water resources saving and environmental pollution control has met the requirements of the world,through the ISO 9001 quality certification.Particularly the introduction of the leading Swiss KWC latest high-tech computer-controlled automatic low-pressure casting machine,using the international standard low-lead brass made,in line with EU standards outer layer electroplated nickel layer of 12 microns or more,more than international standards.Accessories triple plated copper hydride nickel,chrome plating triple protection,plating layer of 25 microns or more,beyond the international world standards.About LCM2 Faucets and accessories products around the world were also achieved certification,and far exceeds the international quality standards.LCM more times won the domestic and foreign enterprises consortium awarded the Excellent Supplier Award,and high-quality manufacturers and other awards.

Long Sheng company

LCM Li Sheng Enterprise Group subsidiary - Long Sheng company was founded in 1993,the spirit of "integrity,professional services,innovative design" concept combines the comfort of the bathroom and art.Has been widely affected by builders,designers and consumers of all ages and praise.Long Sheng company marketing channels throughout Taipei,Taichung,Kaohsiung and other service positions,primarily sales of LCM Group faucets and hardware accessories,demisting mirror,bathroom cabinet,shower sliding door,Jacuzzi,Observing heaters,steam oven,micro toilet seat,smart toilet,lock and other products.Another distributor imported German badeboss,Italy HATRIA with Spain Roca sanitary ware brand,and provide professional installation and service.Even better in the future,the pursuit of truth,goodness and beauty,providing high taste sanitary ware,hoping to bring consumers the most perfect bathroom space and quality of life.

2012-11-22 16:34:18 by parasolstars

Faucet included accessories

Looking for widespread faucet on
This faucet says "comes without valve"
which means I must buy
There are many other faucets such as these below. They don't state "no valve or rough-in assembly". Then, can I assume the rough-in comes with them?

2009-01-11 11:18:46 by kwilson1992


I have already had some qoutes for remodeling and I have a few more questions.
First, the numbers I am seeing on this forum seem a little high.
For clarification, I am going to keep the existing cast iron tub in place. We are not going to replace the in wall heater with anything as we have an ac/ heat vent in the ceiling of the bathroom.
Also, we plan on using decent but not fancy fixtures and accessories (Delta faucets, 12x12 ceramic tiles from a surplus store,etc.)
The estimates we have so far vary from $1500.00- $5200.00 labor with me providing the materials

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Price Pfister Pfister BRB-E0YY Catalina Towel Hook, Tuscan Bronze
Home Improvement (Price Pfister)
  • All metal construction
  • Standard mounting bracket
  • Concealed screw installation
  • Holds up to 6 pounds of weight
  • Includes mounting hardware

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