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By the end of the year, it is estimated that more than 250 LTE networks are in operation around the world

BELLEVUE, Washington - February 20, 2013 - 4G Americas reports that 150 operators have launched commercial services of mobile broadband technology LTE (aka 4G) in 67 countries, of which 50 were released in the past five months.

"The growing number of mobile broadband networks with LTE technology is accelerating, " said Chris Pearson, President of 4G Americas. "4G Americas is predicting more than 100 launches LTE network in 2013. Even more surprising is the number of releases projected by analysts later this year networks with LTE-Advanced, the result of operators who are investing in the continuing evolution of its LTE network, "he adds.

Multichoice Pressure Balance, Delta Faucet technology is a guarantee against discomfort and burns in heating water for bathing

The opening of registration and a jet of boiling water can cause anything from simple discomfort to severe accidents. The situation is still common in many of the hotels and Brazilian homes that use heating systems gas water without temperature control. Aware of this need, Delta Faucet, world leader in innovation for faucets, showers and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens, already available in Brazil Multichoice Pressure Balance valves, which eliminate the risk of burns.

The equipment is able to monitor the water temperature and automatically adjust the mix of hot and cold water to maintain a precise temperature control, with variations of no more than 3 ° F (1.6 ° C up or down) . In addition, the device also allows limiting the maximum temperature of the water, even with the full opening of the record.

Furthermore, the valve-lever represents a saving when building or renovating a home, because the client no longer needs to purchase two pieces for activating the water.

"This technology, which represents not only comfort but also safety to the consumer, as is standard in such markets as the United States and Canada, " explains Luiz Lunardelli, director of Delta Faucet in Brazil.

"Brazilians now begin to have contact with this type of product, which should soon become an item of prime necessity in heating water, " adds the executive.

Delta Faucet
Vero line, Delta Faucet, Multichoice equipped with valve Pressure Balance

About Delta Faucet

Founded in 1954, Delta Faucet Corporation, a leader in innovation and sales of faucets in the United States, offers a broad line of products incorporating style and innovation into faucets and flush valves. The company manufactures products of the brands Delta ®, Brizo ® and Peerless ®, as well as technologies Touch ² O ®, which enables or disables the taps with a simple tap anywhere on the piece, and DIAMOND Seal Technology (TM), a solution that allows the tap handle up to five million openings, thus eliminating the risk of contamination by heavy metals, components generally used in conventional taps. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis (Indiana, USA) and is present in over 50 countries, including Brazil.

2007-03-22 09:15:31 by timothyaron

Bathroom remodel help

I am looking for a contractor/construction company that specializes in small home projects. My guest bathroom (approx. 30 square feet) needs a remodel, including the demo/removal of old tile, fixtures, toilet and vanity. I will be buying the new toilet, vanity, mirror, light fixtures, tile flooring, etc, but I need someone good to install everything.
I initially just picked a company from the phone book and had them come do an estimate, but it seemed pretty high for what needed to be done (mainly demo and install). This company seemed a little large for my needs -- though they do a lot of residential work, they also have a commercial division which builds apartment buildings

2008-05-06 12:44:43 by McShmucko

I graduated and applied here

Job Description
*Sweeps, mops, polishes, and strips floors in rooms and halls using stripping equipment and buffers.
*Dusts and/or polishes furniture, blinds and equipment.
*Cleans restrooms and fills dispensers.
*Vacuums, spot-cleans, and/or shampoos rugs, carpets, and furniture using commercial-type vacuum cleaners, shampooing equipment, and/or water vacuums.
*Reports malfunctions of bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, and/or damages to room and hall furnishings to supervisor.
*Stocks area with appropriate supplies

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FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc. FPL 36 Inch Stainless Steel Grab Bar with Concealed Mounting for Handicap Bath and Shower, ADA Compliant
Health and Beauty (FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc.)
  • Architectural Grade 304 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel with US32D Satin Stainless Steel Finish
  • ADA Compliant
  • Tested to 500 lbs. of pull
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Includes stainless steel mounting screws, wall anchors, and installation instructions
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American Standard American Standard 1340.105.002 Pillar Tap Metering Faucet, Chrome
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  • Cast spout
  • Easy push handle
  • Water conserving aerator
  • Solid brass construction
  • Automatic shut-off
CSL Lighting SS1003-SA Drift 1-Light ADA Wall or Ceiling Flush Mount Fixture, Satin Aluminum Finish
Home Improvement (North Coast Lighting)
  • 7.5-Inch in diameter by 3.75-Inch extension, backplate is 4.5-Inch square
  • Includes one 35-Watt xenon 120-Volt G8 base bulb
  • Satin Aluminum finish
  • Wet location listed

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  • Avatar Mary Mac Can I spray paint bathroom sink faucets?
    Dec 30, 2007 by Mary Mac | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    They are nice real brass fixtures but damaged from incorrect cleaning products over the years. I would like to update my master bathroom but buying 2 new sink fixtures plus shower and tub is not in my budget! Thanks!

    • Paint is a bad idea. you might consider having them re-plated or use some stripper to remove all of the old finish (most brass is coated with lacquer) polish them up and recoat them with lacquer.

  • Avatar Dune How do I make brass look like silver?
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    I have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom with a metallic gold edge. Problem is, every other fixture in the room is silver. I can t find a suitable replacement for it, so my only option is to paint it. How do I go about this? I ve used silver spray paint on a plastic frame before, but it didn t look metallic at all. Would I get a different result if I used it on metal? Any suggestions or links would be highly appreciated!

    • There is a chrome spray paint that is sold under the brand name Metallic. It is a private label sold only at Tru Value Hardware. I ve tried different brands as you have and were not satisfied either. This chrome paint actually looks like real mirror-like shiny chrome. It costs about $5 per can.