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  • Rheem Water Heater -
  • Watts - treatment devices and water control and hydronic heating
  • American Standard - Devices finish plumbing
  • Kindred - Commercial stainless steel appliances and prison
  • Bobrick - Architecture and accessories for bathrooms
  • Guardian - eyewash and emergency
  • Ipex - Pipes and fittings of all kinds
  • Hansa - Fittings specialized health
  • Presto - Fittings specialized educational and sports centers
  • Pressalit Care - specialized architectural products for health
  • Schott - Tips for laboratory
  • Willoughby - institutional devices and prison
  • ABT - Drainage Channels
  • WaterSaver - tap water and gas for laboratory
  • T-Drill - Tools
  • Griswold Controls - check connections for hydronic heating
  • Dormont - Flexible couplings and pipes for gas and water
  • Ecoinovation - Heat Recovery gray water
  • Koala Kare - Changing tables and booster seats
  • Delabie - Fittings specialized

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Sheets Plumbing Products

2007-03-22 09:15:31 by timothyaron

Bathroom remodel help

I am looking for a contractor/construction company that specializes in small home projects. My guest bathroom (approx. 30 square feet) needs a remodel, including the demo/removal of old tile, fixtures, toilet and vanity. I will be buying the new toilet, vanity, mirror, light fixtures, tile flooring, etc, but I need someone good to install everything.
I initially just picked a company from the phone book and had them come do an estimate, but it seemed pretty high for what needed to be done (mainly demo and install). This company seemed a little large for my needs -- though they do a lot of residential work, they also have a commercial division which builds apartment buildings

2008-05-06 12:44:43 by McShmucko

I graduated and applied here

Job Description
*Sweeps, mops, polishes, and strips floors in rooms and halls using stripping equipment and buffers.
*Dusts and/or polishes furniture, blinds and equipment.
*Cleans restrooms and fills dispensers.
*Vacuums, spot-cleans, and/or shampoos rugs, carpets, and furniture using commercial-type vacuum cleaners, shampooing equipment, and/or water vacuums.
*Reports malfunctions of bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, and/or damages to room and hall furnishings to supervisor.
*Stocks area with appropriate supplies

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