Brass Shower Faucets Set


2013-02-12 19:26:19 by MTU-Engineer

The fumes coming off the bins of PVC fittings

In my service van sure stink.
Running water through pipes probably keeps the parts-per-million down, but like lead in brass fixtures, they are trying to get away from contaminants in potable water in the plumbing industry.
Using PVC in flower planters is probably fine, but I would not want to plant my vegetables in PVC pots.
Maybe that is just me, just saying.

2008-09-07 10:21:01 by Kencryst


I used to work at an antique salvage company in Seattle. We used to have plumbing fixtures re-plated all the time. Old sink faucets and bathtub faucets are all brass. When we would get nice ones that were all pitted or just in bad shape, we would remove the old plating and then buff them until they are glass smooth again and then we would send them to a local plater who would plate them in nickle or chrome. I think that you just need to check around your area more. If they don't plate brass, what the heck do they plate then?

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A great conversation starter is the brass chandelier suspended in a corner of the room above a Delft tulipiere. Photo by Angela Lewis. photo.

LightInTheBox LightInTheBox Single Handle Wall Mount Rainfall Shower Faucet Set with 8 Inch Shower Head and Adjustable Slide Bar, Chrome
Home Improvement (LightInTheBox)
  • Entire solid brass shower faucet and high temperature resistance ABS showerhead
  • 8 swivel rainfall shower head with 100 nozzles to provide best showering experience
  • Single function hand shower coming with 60 Stainless Steel water hose
  • Build-in diverter at the ead of hand shower water hose helps to switch between two models
  • Single Handle and Three Holes Installation
World's Best Hose Nozzle Hose Nozzle High Pressure for Car or Garden - Solid Brass Fittings - Made in USA - Set of 2 Nozzles - Lifetime Guarantee - Adjustable Water Sprayer From Spray to Jet - Heavy Duty - Fits Standard Hoses - Includes Free Gardening Secret How-to E-book
Lawn & Patio (World's Best Hose Nozzle)
  • It has consistent flow, & completely shuts off, fits great, & turns stunningly smooth, every time!
  • Get the full power & thrust of your faucet s high water pressure: has no water-saver device attached!
  • You can drop this on concrete anytime. It may get scuffed up, but it s going to still work great.
  • Set includes: 2 Solid Brass Hose Nozzles; 6 Hose washers; 4 O-rings; Secret gardening method e-book
  • Guaranteed for Life: Solid Brass (not brass coated) Hose Nozzle. Inner core is one solid piece.
Price Pfister Pfister R89-7CBC Avalon Single-Control Shower Only Trim Kit, Polished Chrome
Home Improvement (Price Pfister)
  • Single control, ADA compliant metal lever handle
  • Shower only trim features a decorative 6-inch self-cleaning raincan showerhead
  • Quick-trim wall flange easily coordinates with your bathroom decor
  • Ceramic disc valving for a reliable, leak-free operation
  • Must order TX8 rough in valve separately
Kingston Brass Kingston Brass Kb2632dl Concord Single Handle Tub & Shower Set Concord Tub/Shower Faucet-Polished Brass Finish
Single Detail Page Misc (Kingston Brass)
  • Brand Name: Kingston Brass Mfg#: KB2632DL
  • Shipping Weight: 6.73 lbs

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