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HANSA - Brand

AD 1911 Karl Gohring HANSA companies established in Germany, the former for the production of refrigeration and air conditioning industry, accessories, and Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Peugeot have cooperated with sophisticated control techniques. HANSA began production in 1950, leading, in 1962 developed Europe's first single-shot lead, before this hot and cold water faucet handle must be controlled separately by a different, single gun faucet is controlled by a single number one hot and cold water, significantly increasing the use of convenience. Patents 1971, the leading fixed temperature sealing wax ring parts production, when the water is changed, the sealing wax, the wax ring expansion will be transmitted to a valve cone, resulting in changes in cold or hot water, the water temperature quickly readjusted maintain the original temperature. HANSA in 1972 was the first to adopt this technology manufacturers. 1979's first HansaMix equipped with standard control of a single gun axis leading to formally ask the City. In 1980. Hansa innovative marketing concepts and determination, voted by the German Association of Sanitary least complain partner first. 1984 acquisition of the Swiss leading brand kitchen faucet KWC (retractable faucet inventor). 1997 two-stage axial Hansa Eco invention, in addition to water-saving 50% also prevent users in the high-pressure water splashing when wet clothes, now part of the series are two-stage ceramic core. HANSA German market is still the largest single gun faucet faucet factory, quality is very stable. 1998 German Sanitary Association voted at least once again complaining partner first.

HANSA founded in 1926, is the world's advanced bathrooms and a major manufacturer of kitchen faucets. Style complete faucet series, known for stylish design and advanced technology known for, was awarded the ISO9001 international quality certificate of recognition. HANSA range of products available, including a variety of single twenty guns, guns and three-hole basin, bath, shower and kitchen faucets, cater to different designs and needs.

HANSA believe that technology is definitely with the perfect combination of technology, to create the most humane of the perfect design. As the world's faucet manufacturing giant, HANSA centuries is not only committed to producing the highest quality bathroom products, has continued to develop water-saving program for the environment and ecology best efforts.

DR brass dezincification resistant brass, safeguarding human health, HANSA Faucets are in line with German Industrial Standard Low Noise Level: 3bar pressure, the noise ≦ 20 分贝; 5bar pressure, the noise ≦ 25 decibels. In material terms, HANSA Faucets are resistant to dezincification brass DR brass (Dezincing Resistant Brass) casting, brass zinc alloy, but prone to dezincification phenomenon, namely the composition of zinc washed out by water from the body, will vary drinking into the body, a long time down cause adverse health effects. HANSA DR brass improve the proportion of copper, zinc content ratio 63:37, the experiment proved, DR brass dezincification phenomenon significantly reduced, leading life significantly improved human health are also guaranteed.

Moen Moen DN8408PB Inspirations Paper Holder, Polished Brass
Home Improvement (Moen)
  • Polished brass finish offers a bright, highly reflective look for timeless style
  • Concealed screw mounting
  • Paper holder post is die cast from highest quality zinc alloy
  • Castings are triple plated
  • Limited lifetime warranty
2003-08-20 16:50:01 by inEastBay

Bathroom Fixtures

I'm looking for a source for good bathroom fixtures/furniture in the east bay. I need a vanity, sink and toilet.
I've tried the big boxes (hd, lowes, yardbirds), but I don't care for the styles available. (Who makes the design decisions for these places? Who decided that everyone must have oak cabinets with brass hardware?)
I need a 5ft vanity and top. I really like the look of a bowl on top of the counter. (Also, our family is tall and this will help with stooping.)
And does anyone have an answer as to why toilets these days have what I call "intestines" on the outside? You can see the looping of the flow of water

2006-09-02 08:30:48 by joan1001

Chrome vs. brass fixtures

We had all brass in the bathroom, and much of it deteriorated from hot water, minerals, or whatever causes that. We are in the process of switching to chrome, and I was wondering whether this also will detiorate over time. If so, is there anything that can be done to prevent it? Also, can you keep the shower head clear so that minerals don't clog the spray over time? This is city water in Oakland. Thanks

2007-09-11 06:39:13 by larryw

Painting metal bathroom trim

Anybody ever paint their bathroom trim? Ours is the dated brass finish (shower door frame, fixtures) and I saw them paint them silver on HGTV but they didn't say what they used.
I'd like to update by painting all the brass finish to a chrome or silver nickle finish.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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Vaxcel Vaxcel USA VL35472AC Monrovia 2 Light Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture in Brass, Glass
Home Improvement (Vaxcel)
  • Vaxcel vanity light
  • 9-Inch H by 18.5-Inch W by 9-Inch D
  • Finish: antique brass
  • Uses 2 100-Watt bulbs
  • Bulbs not included
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Jerdon Jerdon HL65G 8-Inch Two-Sided Swivel Halo Lighted Wall Mount Mirror with 5x Magnification, 14-Inch Extension, Gold Finish
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  • Wall mount mirror with 14-inch extension and gold finish
  • Two-sided, fog free circular mirror has an 8-inch diameter and features a smooth 360-degree swivel design
  • 1x and 5x magnification options to make sure every detail of your hair and makeup are in place
  • Halo light design and smooth rotation adjusts to all angles for a dynamic point of view.
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

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