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Herrajes What's New in Fensterbau Frontale Dorma
ha aprovechado su presencia en Fensterbau Frontale los pasados días 21 a 24 de marzo en Nüremberg (Alemania) para presentar sus últimas innovaciones en control de accesos y herrajes para puertas . Dorma The company has leveraged its presence in recent days Fensterbau Frontale 21-24 March in Nuremberg (Germany) to present their latest innovations in access control and door hardware.Herrajes | BRAZIL DORMA

Kinetic glass fittings
The use of tempered glass in the construction,architecture and decoration offers great advantages like strength,versatility and aesthetics.Imagine what can be achieved with glass,and offer a more cost-effective alternative to other building materials.

Suvisa looking for distributors in Latin America
Suvisa Glass Supplies,SA,a Spanish company specializing in all kinds of materials for the glass industry,looking for representatives in Latin America who are interested in expanding their portfolio.

CRL in Spanish
Now the website is available in Spaniards CRL.
You can visit and complete the application for your bills,statements and other information in Spanish.
The new site provides free Spanish speaking customers.

CRL Door Rails 'all-glass' Wedge-Lock ™
Patented system for fixing the glass.No need to struggle with trying to align multiple parts.No more time wasted waiting for the cement to dry or in the cleaning process.

New solutions in stainless steel
As in every edition since 2004,CBM went to his appointment with Glasstec,this time with the various developments
| CBM (Editorial)

Zenith Vertical Brake
The newest product in the company Zenith Fev is a vertical brake stainless steel glass door allows simplified mounting of the glass doors while providing elegant aesthetics for single or double doors.
| FEV (Editorial)

SMECO tempered glass fittings
The first hardware for tempered glass recyclables.
SMECO is a complete line of fittings and accessories for tempered glass which presents an important innovation in the glass fixing system,eliminating the need for using adhesives during assembly on site. | DORMA LATIN AMERICA

New series of hinges for bathroom doors applications of CR Laurence frameless
CRL introduces the new international applications hinges for frameless shower doors in traditional style with square or beveled edges.The hinges are available in both wall mount model with full plate back as a Model 180 degrees,crystal glass,which cover most of the existing plant configurations.

CRL acquires Blumcraft
CR Laurence Co.,Inc. (CRL),a global leader in providing products for the glass industry,railing,construction,architectural,and automotive,announces that it has completed the acquisition of Blumcraf t of Pittsburg,an icon in the metal industry and architectural glass.

Laurence CRL Jackson Corporation will acquire
CR Laurence Co.,Inc. (CLR),a leading manufacturer and global supplier of glass industry,rails,architectural,construction and automotive industries,announces that it has concluded an agreement to acquire the Corporation Jackson.


Delta RP54870 Renovation Kit - 600 Series Tub and Shower, Chrome
Home Improvement (Delta)
  • Chrome
  • Genuine Delta repair part
2007-06-13 04:52:30 by BushInJail

Military is one of the biggest polluters

Who will be held responsible for this?
Past contaminated water at Lejeune suspected in death and illness
Published: Monday, June 11, 2007 | 7:13 PM ET
Canadian Press: RITA BEAMISH
ATLANTA (AP) - Thousands of marines and their families went to serve their country at North Carolina's Camp Lejeune.
Instead, many wound up fighting it, blaming the government for failing to protect them from an enemy that invaded their lives in a most intimate way: through the water that quenched their thirst, cooked their food and filled their bathtubs every day

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Bell Plumbing Home Repair/ 20% OFF /Call Shafran 310-295-1960

Samsung OLED TV: Best picture we've ever seen  — CNET
I hope that changes at some point in the future, ideally alongside LG's set and the rest of the current best, but for now the sheriff is only taking limited engagements. ....

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    Mar 11, 2012 by Rouge | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I m designing a luxury bathroom with interiors following vintage 1940-1960s style, a lot of floral lavender patterns, porcelain, standing bathtub, gold plated faucets/controls etc. etc. I need advice selecting a really good, romantic, rich looking set of tiles for my floor and walls which suit the theme. Is granite floor tiles a good idea? And I wanted to create a plain wall paper look for the walls, but wallpaper isn t very moisture proof so I need a good alternative suitable for a bathroom.

    • What on earth is a romantic bathrm? bathrooms should be functional, easy to clean and comfortable. Black and white is probably the most English style , paint the walls then you can change colour any time. gold plated taps and fittings are not a paricularly good idea (unless they are extremely good quality) and to be honest, you don t really see many and those you do are in dated 70s style houses with avocado or whisper pink suites and were never really the height of good taste.

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    I just bought a small house to flip. I plan to fix it up and sell it. It has original kitchen and bath from the 1960s so I definitely need to update the kitchen and bath before I sell the place. I am wondering what prospective buyers look for nowadays when they want an updated kitchen and bath. What does updated kitchen and bath mean to YOU? thanks

    • Nothing if it can t be financed. Have the other important systems tested before you do anything else. I ve seen so many attempted flips back on the market for a cash deal only with beautifully remodeled kitchens and leaky roofs. The saddest one I saw had a fancy garden tub in each bathroom, new kitchen cabinets with new wall oven, but the ceiling in the living room was falling in from water damage because the roof finally hit it s limit. Sold for $10, less than the flipper paid for it. We just looked at one that was remodeled, but neighbor was nice enough to come over and warn us that the septic …