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Home environment evaluation recommendations Form (1)

Home Environmental Assessment and Recommendations Table

First, the basic data

Case Name: Gender: Date of birth: Years Month 2011 Age:

Handicap category: Disabled Manual Font Size: Level:


Diagnosis: Contact: Date:

Contact Person: Relationship: Phone:

Itself Occupation: Father Occupation: Mother Occupation: Low-income households: □ Yes □ No


After returning home to play the roles of: □ Student □ □ Homemaker volunteer worker □ □ Other

Human Petty Information: (Please fill the need at)

Height: cm, sitting height: cm, weight: kg, hip width: cm,

Nest hip knee length: cm, knee high: cm, Shoulder: cm, knee high nest: cm


Eye Height: cm, shoulder height: cm, elbow height: cm, waist high: cm,

Hand and (upwards): cm, hand and (DOWN): cm, hand and (forward): cm


Eye Height: cm, shoulder height: cm, waist high: cm,

Hand and (upwards): cm, hand and (DOWN): cm, hand and (forward): cm

Major mobile aids:

1. □ No 2. □ single cane 3. □ two canes 4. □ legs Abduction

5. □ four-legged walker 6. □ underarm turn 7. □ manual wheelchair 8. □ electric wheelchair

9. □ Other

長 Wheelchair / sub-deck appliances Specifications: Length cm in width cm high cm

Housing Ownership:

1. □ from home 2. □ Renting 3. □ relatives or children of the house 4. □ Other _____________

Dwelling types: 1. □ F 2. □ above the second floor without elevator, Floor, stairs Rank

3. □ above the second floor with elevator, Floor

4. □ Other

House situations:

Number of indoor floor room ___________ ________ Layer floor house floor

House stairs ___________ order House elevator: □ No □ Yes

Inmate number (including their own): 1. □ 1-2 2. □ 3-4 3. □ 5-6 4. □ 7 +

Outside traffic conditions: 1. □ Mild busy 2. □ moderately busy 3. □ Severe busy

居家環境平面圖 並標示個案之 主要動線 : Please draw the home environment with floor plan and mark the major cases of moving lines:

Due to the environment or cause danger affecting the implementation of project activities

Environmental modification or aids required items

Require modification or use of the environment

Reasons aids

) Environmental Modification or use of assistive devices recommended (name, size, construction methods)

, Detailed recommendations can choose Schedule

停車位 □ Parking

Inlet channel

升降設備 □ lifting equipment

斜坡 □ slopes

樓梯 □ Stairs

出入口 □ entrances

Indoor Environment

客廳及餐廳 □ living and dining

走廊通道 □ corridors

臥室 □ bedroom

浴室 □ bathroom

書房/工作室 □ Study / studio

廚房 □ Kitchen

其他 □ Other

Comprehensive advice: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Fulcrum 30010-301 LED Battery-Operated Stick-On Tap Light, Silver, 3 Pack
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2006-08-29 13:13:22 by couldbeanyone

Bathroom light fixtures

We are getting ready to sell our home and looking to make a few minor changes if we think they are worthy it. I think the only relatively low cost improvement we could do in our bathrooms is replace the light fixture with something a little bit less generic. What would you recommend in place of what we have (picture/link below)?
We're not sure what the wall surface would look like under if we took the fixture down to replace but more than likely I think it was painted after the fixture went up. The bathroom itself doesn't need a new coat of paint but I'm not sure how it would look with matched paint touched up where the old fixture hung if a new fixture was a different shape or had a different base

2006-09-28 07:07:25 by Emmanuel_Goldstein

Make the contractors pay

Phillip A. Galeoto, director of the Baghdad Police College, wrote an Aug. 16 memo that catalogued at least 20 problems: shower and bathroom fixtures that leaked from the first day of occupancy, concrete and tile floors that heaved more than two inches off the ground, water rushing down hallways and stairwells because of improper slopes or drains in bathrooms, classroom buildings with foundation problems that caused structures to sink.
Galeoto noted that one entire building and five floors in others had to be shuttered for repairs, limiting the capacity of the college by up to 800 recruits

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Progress Lighting Progress Lighting P2743-09 3-Light Bath Fixture with Square Etched Glass and Can Mount Up or Down, Brushed Nickel
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