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December we married later in the Peisi Yi Ibis Hotel (Perth Ibis) some days. The staff was very friendly and the rooms are very nice. This is a standard Ibis, everything inside is a must for you, nothing is that you do not need.

Check-in time our room was a free upgrade into a suite, and we booked this price is very cheap ($ 202 two nights, includes breakfast ... Thank you booking.com), this We were pleasantly surprised, obviously very happy.

Suites have a separate living room, and a kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, sink, a lot of closet space, in case you permanently stay in the kitchen. Taking into account the size of the room, where the bathroom a bit small, but fully able to endure.

The reception staff are always very helpful, and the staff to deal with every time is a pleasant experience. Breakfast is a continental buffet as you eat breakfast, but also cooking food to choose from. The price is $ 15 breakfast eat continental breakfast, $ 20 to eat cooked breakfast and continental breakfast. Quality of the food is very good, but a little high.

Overall it was a great experience, the staff is excellent, very clean, good location near. We decided, from now on, Ibis (Ibis) is our first choice, we have around the world inside Ibis booked in 2011 more than 30 a night.

2006-05-02 00:47:19 by wanderin3

Kohler Spa Tub

I had a Kohler Spa Tub installed in my bathroom remodel. It was about $800 and I absolutely love it. I also got a Kohler toilet to be sure all the "Kohler whites" matched. Very white. However, the plumber said Kohler shower fixtures are very difficult to install. They have different threads and stuff and plumbers all hate Kohler fixtures. Just something I thought you'd like to know. Good luck with your remodel.

2004-12-12 16:46:31 by Cheap_or_at_least

Kohler Purist Vanity & Countertops - where 2 get

Can anyone recommend a vendor that sells KOHLER bathroom 'furniture' and fixtures cheap or at least at a discount?
I really like the Purist line but the list pricing for their vanities/countertops/medicine cabinets/etc. is astronomical.
I am in the SF Bay Area. Scratch and dents are OK. Please let me know.

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American Standard American Standard 0614.000.020 Studio Undercounter Bathroom Sink, White
Home Improvement (American Standard)
  • Vitreous china
  • Unglazed rim
  • Front overflow
  • Undercounter mount
  • Mounting kit and cut out template
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