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The pallor of the walls you tired? You've decided to give it a nice coat of paint, but do not know where to start? Follow our roadmap to paint the walls of the house. The total cost varies from 44 euro to 64 euro depending on the type of paint used (average for a room).

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REQUIRED - The paint, yes, but which one? For ceilings and walls of bathrooms and kitchens usually uses breathable paint, to other premises, however, a washable. The breathable paint is cheaper: to paint a room that calculates the average serving size from 6 to 8 liters of product. Tools: roller synthetic bristles on the extender to achieve the highest points, flat brush to paint the corners, filler, sandpaper, masking tape, nylon sheets and Vachetta to pour the paint with a wire gauze to remove the color in excess from the roller. If you have any questions, please contact a paint dealer, or a point of sale of specialized chains such as Castorama or Obi.

Decorate the walls in a unique and original
Decorate the walls of the kitchen or bedroom
Decorate the walls of the living room

PREPARE THE ROOM - First it is good to gather in the center of the room the furniture and cover with nylon sheets, fixing them with adhesive tape. Other sheets will be used to cover the rest of the floor. The same must be done by covering with tape sockets, fixtures and any other point of the room do not want to whitewash. All this, of course, to avoid long and exhausting work of final cleaning.

IMPORTANT: Choose the right colors

PREPARE THE WALLS - To get a good result in the application of color need the walls of the house have a completely smooth surface. The old walls usually have one or more layers of old paint. In this case, one can proceed with painting only if there are no pieces of surface that detach. If, however, the wall has some imperfections, you have to pass on the entire area of ​​the sanding paper.

GUIDE: how to prepare the walls

THE RIGHT AMOUNT '- Prepare the color by yourself, using the dyes on a base of white paint, ensures a good saving but also the risk of being wrong. In fact, if not the right amount of calculations good product risks, redoing, not to get more equal. For this reason, we advise you to choose the color you want and tell you preparation by an expert. In assessing the amount needed, remember not to calculate the surface area of ​​windows and doors, and are necessary an average of two mni of paint.

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Kitchen faucet water taste funny?

Not funny, I am a master maintenance engineer and plumber. Your faucet is your faucet. Does water taste funny in your sink in the Bathroom or any other faucet in your house? Should you answer yes? You need to have it tested. Have you heard of backflow preventers? Well Hospitals and restaurants, and now apartment complexes are to put these in for reason. Down the road a water main breaks, ok now this causes vacuum, and can draw sewage water or neighbors swimming pool water right into your water flow. Yes this happens all the time. GET YOUR WATER TESTED. Go to swimming place or water department, or I would do this; take a sample of water to water department or a place that can test it

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    They are nice real brass fixtures but damaged from incorrect cleaning products over the years. I would like to update my master bathroom but buying 2 new sink fixtures plus shower and tub is not in my budget! Thanks!

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