Clean Brass Bathroom Fixtures


bright covered

If your covered have lost luster, this is solved easily.
Put a container with a sheet of aluminum foil over it and check the hot water covered. Add half a cup of baking soda and leave it 15 minutes. Then take the cutlery, rub them with cotton cloth and see how good it left.

clean stainless steel

Everything under the sink spotless. Nothing easier. Rub, after scrubbing with soap, half a lemon, rinse with water and dry.
Steel objects remain perfectly clean by wiping them with a paste of salad oil and soot (or cigarette ash). Rub vigorously below and polished with a cloth or flannel wool.
The water in the cooking of the potatoes a shine to stainless steel pots, provided that those are whole with skin.
You can also add vinegar to your regular detergent, rinsing with a sponge and dry with a cloth.
Another method is to use a mixture of very fine sand (like flour) and natural soap (type 'lizard'), to rub the stains.

clean the brass

The gilded objects which are currently usually come protected with varnish, so clean when not to overindulge in the clean metals.
The most convenient is to use a cloth dampened with water and ammonia.
When you are old metal can be cleaned with clean or with a slurry composed of paprika and vinegar.

clean chrome

We can clean the chrome with oil. Moisten a cloth and put 3 or 4 drops of oil and rubbed. To not chip or darken You apply a varnish colorless.
Another way would moisten a cloth and apply with cigarette ash.

DIY tips:

DIY nail tricks:

· As hammer nails without cracking, no chipping and no hitting.
· Wooden Nail

DIY tricks to remove:

· Remove the metal rust, stains on clothing, bath.
· Eliminate odors in the bathroom
· Remove furniture and carpet burns.
· Remove burns on furniture
· Delete the old silicone tub or sink

Bricolage tricks clean:

· Clean Stainless Steel
· Clean cement tiles, fireplace, nicotine, crystals.
· Clean cement tiles
· Chewing gum stuck in the carpet. How to remove your stains.
· Clean eyeglass
· Cleaning Tips home: glass, jewelry, iron, combs.
· Clean Jewelry
· Clean the chrome
· Clean stains of coffee
· Clean limescale
· Clean chocolate stains
· Clean stains of paint
· Clean stains and ballpoint pen ink
· Clean stains on clothes: varnish, sweat, grease, oil, tar, clay, wax, nail polish, grass
· Clean metals covered bright, clean steel, brass and chrome.
· Clean combs brushes and rollers
· Clean remains of stickers

Bricolage tricks tricks:

· Tricks carpenter screwing screws, hinges, cutting wood, sanding, gluing pieces.
· Tips: unclog locks, eliminating creaking parquet, bathroom odor, marks on the hems.

DIY tips:

· How to use and clean silicone
· Tighten screws
· Place cup hinges
· Check the quality of a tool steel
· Covered bright
· Caring furniture: drawers that stick, scratches, lacquer cleaning.
· Hitting wood without a trace
· Tools: pliers opening costs, check quality steel.
· Blinds that stick or squeak
· Problem with the tacos
· Drill without staining the wall. Trick. IMPORTANT:

2013-02-12 19:26:19 by MTU-Engineer

The fumes coming off the bins of PVC fittings

In my service van sure stink.
Running water through pipes probably keeps the parts-per-million down, but like lead in brass fixtures, they are trying to get away from contaminants in potable water in the plumbing industry.
Using PVC in flower planters is probably fine, but I would not want to plant my vegetables in PVC pots.
Maybe that is just me, just saying.

2008-09-07 10:21:01 by Kencryst


I used to work at an antique salvage company in Seattle. We used to have plumbing fixtures re-plated all the time. Old sink faucets and bathtub faucets are all brass. When we would get nice ones that were all pitted or just in bad shape, we would remove the old plating and then buff them until they are glass smooth again and then we would send them to a local plater who would plate them in nickle or chrome. I think that you just need to check around your area more. If they don't plate brass, what the heck do they plate then?

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  • Polished brass finish offers a bright, highly reflective look for timeless style
  • One-function full spray
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  • Showerhead is limited to 2.5 gpm (9.5 L/min) at 80 psi

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    • The green coating is from reacting with the air and moisture which is called oxidation, You can use a product called NevrDull also Tomato Ketchup wiped on with a rag and polished off with a soft dry cloth Good Luck !