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In the modern town house decoration bathroom supplies is indispensable, it also brought us convenience and also saves space. A bathroom where they can both wash bath, convenient and clean, and we decorated bathroom, pay attention to the bathroom supplies to buy oh. Xiaobian take you.

First, make sure you are using the basin styles.

According to the installation location and openings leading into the wall and into vertical, hole and two holes, one cold and hot and cold dual-use, and is currently the most widely used home decoration is a vertical hot and cold dual-use products, single cold products suitable for public places such as no hot water installation.

Basin faucet choices, and the basin has a great relationship. The basins are currently on the market stage, Taichung, and the audience in several ways, according to the different openings, also divided into single, double and three-hole. Leader in the purchase, be sure to determine which faucet can be installed on top of your basin.

According to the difference between the outlet, a vertical water, tilting the water, rotate the water, can pull the outlet, such as wide mouth water.

Second, the proposed purchase full brass washbasin faucet.

Recommended to use copper basin faucet material. Today copper faucet technology is already very mature, occupied most of the market share. Real copper faucet handles, decorative nuts, switching valve, wall cover, coupling nut and eccentric joints, spout housing and other components are made of brass, after plating, not only beautiful and heavy, and durable, the purchase must To ask the detail is truly copper faucet, or just the body is all made of copper. In most cases, by weight, and the sound can tell whether the copper faucet. Copper faucet generally heavier and percussion sounds dull muffled up.

Third, the proposed purchase Taocifaxin basin mixer.

Spool is the leader of the most important components, directly related to the use of leading life experiences and, at this stage it would be best choice Taocifaxin. But Taocifaxin according to the material, workmanship different also divided into several grades. Consumers buy on their own is difficult to distinguish the quality of the spool. So the choice is best to buy through professional evaluation agency evaluation, detailed data, quality guaranteed products.

Kingston Brass Kingston Brass KB2624 Naples 4-Inch Centerset Lavatory Faucet, Polished Chrome and Polished Brass (Not CA/VT Compliant)
Home Improvement (Kingston Brass)
  • Brass construction
  • Duraseal washerless cartridge
  • Metal lever handle
  • Lifetime premier finish
2009-11-03 11:50:47 by FeralFelines

Lavatory wide spread faucet questions

Hello all I apologize in advance for the long story... I purchased 2 BRADLEY widespread faucets w/pop-up. Still have receipts (1982.)They had a lifetime warranty (1,000 months.)One bathroom has developed a leak in the trap & where the pop-up hooks up to the pipe. Both faucets & handles are pitted & pretty worn out.

When I called Bradley to replace the parts, I was informed they had sold that product line to Briggs (along with the warranty.) tele tag with Briggs, after numberous voice mails, I was told that warranty was NOT part of the purchase.

I spoke w/Bradley CFO & he said that the warranty WAS part of the deal & Briggs should honor it

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