Steel Bathroom Accessories

Bath Alexandria's Astra. It has a Jacuzzi and shower with colored lighting in one piece, control panel, LCD TV with remote control, DVD and 12 whirlpool jets.

Altero mixer, chrome steel finish and straight lines.

Dream line of Deca. Toilets and bidets with rounded shapes. The toilet seat is integrated into the dishwasher and dual fluz, which generates savings of up to 40% water

Seat of the Astra, has soft closing, allowing the lid down delicately avoiding noise.

Produced in high-temperature ceramics and shaped by hand, covered the bowl Tobacco and vitreous enamel and gold oxide. Work by artist Daniele Drummond who creates unique pieces and sells only in his studio in Belo Horizonte

Herbeau imported line has design classic Provencal style
Finishing for wastegate sensor Docol starts the flow of water to clean the bowl with your hand approaches
Aqualisa digital shower
Cuba BelTA round 25 Franke, stainless steel finish high gloss.

Drain Square expambox

Tap Stillo Colors of Docol is square and thermoset paint (automotive)
Cabin Bath Shower Spa Spas of Heavens has tempered glass walls, marble floors and black need not be installed close to the wall. It has inputs for CD or mp3, speakerphone system for air circulation and wet sauna intelligent digital control
Drain Rectangular expambox
Soap dispenser Franke

Bathtub Whirlpool Bath is finished in acrylic and glass walls, comes with metal enclosed, indoor lighting with chromotherapy.

Cuba cylindrical brushed stainless steel, the Mekal
Hanger of Perflex, trend line of bathroom accessories. Bright chrome finish.

Shower of Perflex Ocean. It has straight lines and two types of falling water, a shower and a relaxing waterfall resembling jet

Bath Spa Jet Ball Pretty. Designed to accommodate 5 adults

Polder Polder BTH-6300-90 Stainless-Steel Dual Bath Caddy with Toilet Brush and Plunger, White
Home (Polder)
  • Bath caddy neatly conceals otherwise cluttered necessities
  • Brushed stainless-steel construction with plastic accents
  • Includes toilet-bowl brush and plunger, each with replaceable heads
  • Open-back and suspended design allows for thorough drying
  • Measures approximately 10-4/5 by 15-4/5 by 25-1/5 inches
2012-11-22 16:34:18 by parasolstars

Faucet included accessories

Looking for widespread faucet on
This faucet says "comes without valve"
which means I must buy
There are many other faucets such as these below. They don't state "no valve or rough-in assembly". Then, can I assume the rough-in comes with them?

2009-01-11 11:18:46 by kwilson1992


I have already had some qoutes for remodeling and I have a few more questions.
First, the numbers I am seeing on this forum seem a little high.
For clarification, I am going to keep the existing cast iron tub in place. We are not going to replace the in wall heater with anything as we have an ac/ heat vent in the ceiling of the bathroom.
Also, we plan on using decent but not fancy fixtures and accessories (Delta faucets, 12x12 ceramic tiles from a surplus store,etc.)
The estimates we have so far vary from $1500.00- $5200.00 labor with me providing the materials

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Taymor Taymor Stainless Steel Tall Toilet Bowl Plunger with Lid
Home (Taymor)
  • Plunger and handle form one piece when screwed into lid
  • Attractive bathroom storage solution item
  • Plunger head accommodates the standard to low-flush toilets
  • Material: Made from stainless steel and Manufacturing Source: Imported
  • Wipe with a clean, soft damp cloth Do not use polishes, chemicals or abrasives
The Tatara Group Nu Steel Triune Bathroom Accessories Set ,7-Piece
Home (The Tatara Group)
  • Matching pieces include cotton swab/cotton container,soap dish,toothbrush holder,tumbler,soap and lotion pump,wastebasket,boutique tissue
  • Elegant bath accessory set
  • Select a style to match your bathroom decor
Blomus Blomus Stainless Steel Wall Hook
Home (Blomus)
  • 18/8 brushed stainless steel
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Contemporary design
Interdesign InterDesign Stainless Suction Hook, Chrome
Home (Interdesign)
  • Strong suction cup to prevent slipping
  • Attaches to any smooth non-porous surface such as tile, glass, fiberglass and some metals
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Will not rust
  • 1 2/3 inches by 3 inches by 5 inches

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    I am in a search for accessories for my newly build bathroom. Which kind of product is preferable? Chrome or stainless steel?

    • It doesn t matter,..just buy what you like buy name-brand, so that if it ever needed repair, you could finds parts..

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    • Usually we install with a uniform look, but not always. Most stainless will be of the contemporary design or clean lines. Polished brass has gone out of style and not many styles to choose from. The bronze colors are still the #1 color style available along with Nickels. Mixing bronze and nickel will usually work if you have wood cabinets, trims or other accessories.