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For those small bathrooms and cloakrooms / Wall Hanging with at least 6 cm ground clearance / Optional: toilet seat with soft close and "KeraTect" / Assortment for rounding successful series of Keramag /

Ratingen., The complete bathroom "4U" (= for you) Keramag has become one of the most popular features programs in Germany in a short time. Especially for guest bathrooms and cramped bathroom, the manufacturer has now introduced a wall-hung WC pan-6l, which has a shorter radius of only 490 mm. Additional benefits include the hidden wall mounting, the ground clearance of at least 6 cm and - optionally - a toilet seat with soft close. The new space-saving toilet is in "white" (Alpine) and available on request with the dirt-repellent surface finish "KeraTect". To mount an extended outlet connector is required.

The existing range of "4U" includes two shapely hand basins (36 and 45 cm) and four washbasins (60, 65, 70 and 80 cm). The basins have a large, oval indoor pool, an ergonomic edge of the pool as well as a wide tap platform, which offers plenty of storage space. In addition, a wall-hung WC with fully concealed fixings, a floor-standing WC combination with cistern and a wall-hung bidet are available. The toilet seats are also removable and fitted with stainless steel hinges. They are also available with a comfortable soft-closing mechanism.

A particularly clever idea was realized with the 44.5 cm wide ceramic shelf. It not only creates extra space for bathroom accessories, but makes - eg placed between two vanities - also an interesting look. The range also includes two special vanity variants that allow alone or in combination with ceramic shelf a wealth of other possibilities for individual interior design.

A large acrylic bathtub in the dimensions 180 x 80 cm, which can be combined with a shelf is available in right or left version. The special feature here: The optional integrated into the base shelf contains a twist-stage, young and old, facilitates entry into the tub.

The extensive "4U" furniture program includes vanity base units (40 and 60 cm) and side cabinets, tall units and two light mirror elements with adjustable shelf and mirror surfaces. A container facilitates the offspring as the footstool vanity use and also offers additional storage space.

For more information about "4U" in Keramag, Ceramic Works Ltd, Brand Communications Department, PO Box 10 14 20, 40834 Ratingen.

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2004-12-21 22:55:10 by Mister_S

Remodel our bathroom, how much, how long

Live in an a 100 year old victorian in SF. We have the split bath, with shower/tub and sink in one room, and toilet in seperate room next door. We have seen an identical model of this done, and we want to remodel and make ONE BIG Bathroom.
This entails, removing the shower/bath, moving toilet where tub is; moving shower where toilet is, and moving the sink to opposite wall. Complete retile of floor and walls, and some nice fixtures, cabinets etc. Its not a huge space, but obviously this will take some time and some money...just a rough ball park figure on how long a project like this takes, and how much money?
It is our only bathroom, so maybe we need to plan a vacation to get things in running order...thank you.

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