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France's most popular reasoning juvenile picture book! A mysterious key, 10 hidden clues in a modern building space, followed by the protagonist a step by step to explore the beautiful secret ...... * Look at picture books, easy to learn logical deduction + French * French Illustrated rookie Marxist aesthetics. Ducor famous masterpiece

[Story Abstract

Little girl living in a very large, very modern house, this house has a name: "Morning Glory House." One day, the little girl to reciting poetry, he discovers a mysterious hidden in the desk key. This is the first exciting treasure hunt clues.

Because this key, the little girl began to locate in this big house with its corresponding clues, and then follow the prompts to continue to go down, but found the next clue ...... so, follow the clues and tips, the little girl Almost the whole big house are gone in a circle: entrance, swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, staircase, library, music room, and my father's studio, living room, terrace, garden, and finally she found the key to open it , turned out to be an unknown mysterious place ......

[About the author]

Marx. Ducor - with space to tell a story picture books home

French famous picture books home Marx. Ducor (Max Ducos) 2006 published the first book of the children's picture book "Morning Glory treasure hunt", thus successfully courting and had come to Taiwan to participate in 2010 Taipei International Book Fair. He took advantage of its rich experience in children's art director, one after another to create a multi-favorite of the popular children's children's books. Marx. Ducor drawing the biggest feature is the attention to detail, vivid yet childlike, see the picture as if it is read like a fascinating story, but also specializes in space to create a story tension. Meanwhile his unique storytelling approach to lead young readers into the world of art and culture, in reading among children, but also that he hopes to bring people deeply feel the fun and knowledge.

About the author

Marx. Ducor Max Ducos

France, the most watched today's picture books rookie, was born in 1979 in Bordeaux, in an artistic family grew, his father is an architect and his mother was antique dealers, so he grew up to develop a keen sense of art and of imagination. Academy of Fine Arts in Bordeaux experience in drawing and painting, laying his aesthetic foundation and passion, while laying the foundation for drawing 3D models, will further extend its reach into the field of architectural design, the works of a future filled with a sense of space to start.

Atari Home Design 3D: Kitchen And Bath Edition
Video Games (Atari)
  • 2D plans to 3D models in a single click Easy-to use interface for planning and designing Drag and drop construction elements
  • Produce room layouts quickly using the planner Powerful measuring and dimensioning tools Objects and textures to create your dream kitchen and bathroom
  • Create tiled areas on wall or floor Create additional shaped objects not found in the catalogue 2D and 3D section views allow you to examine rooms in detail
  • Render 3D views to see the effect of lighting and shadows Easily walk through completed projects
2004-12-21 22:55:10 by Mister_S

Remodel our bathroom, how much, how long

Live in an a 100 year old victorian in SF. We have the split bath, with shower/tub and sink in one room, and toilet in seperate room next door. We have seen an identical model of this done, and we want to remodel and make ONE BIG Bathroom.
This entails, removing the shower/bath, moving toilet where tub is; moving shower where toilet is, and moving the sink to opposite wall. Complete retile of floor and walls, and some nice fixtures, cabinets etc. Its not a huge space, but obviously this will take some time and some money...just a rough ball park figure on how long a project like this takes, and how much money?
It is our only bathroom, so maybe we need to plan a vacation to get things in running order...thank you.

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